Imagine a cover band comprised of fresh professionals (they prefer the term "profreshionals") that plays songs you already know at least 82% as well as the original artists [citation needed], and never charges cover because that's for suckers and garage bands. Picture a bass-playing front man who's so affable it's laughable, a guy that cares so much about his audience that he sometimes shares his favorite movie moments because he JUST LOVES PEOPLE. Envision a rapping Scotch-Irishman who scans the crowd for impressionable kids in case he needs to substitute fun and safe rhyming words for various profanities on the fly. ON THE FLY. Try to fathom a Zoro-trained drummer whose favorite artist, legit no lie this couldn't be made up, is Mr. Rogers, yes, the guy with the neighborhood. See in your mind's eye a sound guy, no, sound ARTISAN who can't stop loving animal crackers and can only sleep at night if he's positive you enjoyed that new light he bought specifically for your happiness. Did you imagine that? Excellent. Soul Grammar has been that band since a Bush was president, wow, that's longer than I thought.

If you've heard it on the radio and Soul Grammar doesn't think it sucked, you'll hear three actual musicians (we're talking solfege, Do-Re-Migo) scramble to cover all the parts live. Marvel at James' stubborn reluctance to use loop tracks! Gasp as Jason definitely maybe remembers all the words this time! Swoon as Alex hits stuff with some sticks! Faint as Robert literally figuratively blows your mind with Technicolor sound! Vex as you debate with friends whether this band has to practice constantly to perfect ironically accurate renditions of trendy music or they've just been playing so long they can't distinguish their own musical preferences from popular media!

Come see Soul Grammar: The band you can trust. Decent, clean folk with day jobs. The people's cover music profreshionals.